Invapay, Apexconnect bridge gap in ePayments market

Invapay and Apexconnect bridge gap in ePayments market

Invapay and Apexconnect have joined forces to deliver innovative B2B ePayable’s solutions to the United States. The introduction of Invapay ePayables solution to Apexconnect’s customers will deliver immediate working capital benefits and optimised ePayments functionality enabling buyers to extend their DPO (Days Payables Outstanding) while paying their suppliers within three to five days.

A U.S. payments survey from 2016 stated on average 47.1% of the total value of domestic B2B sales on credit was paid late (up from 46.1% last year), this partnership can assist with this issue*.

The funds agnostic payables solution allows the Buyer to pay Suppliers using any credit source enabling CFO’s to fully utilise accessible credit line, or maximise rebate opportunities. Integration of ePayables will deliver benefit to the Buyer within 48 hours without any change to internal business processes.

“We are excited about the partnership between Invapay and Apexconnect,” said Michael Greene, Managing Director of Apexconnect. “Together, we bring tremendous value to our mutual clients by providing a seamless integration between the customer and Invapay’s world class B2B payment solution. We each bring a unique perspective to our combined solution, and it’s that uniqueness that sets us apart from our competition.”

“We are delighted that Apexconnect has recognised that a partnership with Invapay provides real time solutions for everyday payment and working capital challenges across company finance, treasury and in turn Invapay recognises the value in seamless integration. Together this partnership enables buyers and suppliers, regardless of size, to utilise our system and optimize working capital more intelligently than ever before possible,” said John Vasili, Director of Business Development at Invapay.

*Atradius Payment Practices Barometer – The Americas 2016

About Invapay
Invapay is a UK-based payment technology company. They offer an efficient, flexible way to manage payments and working capital and are connected to over 800 banks. Invapay operates across three continents, processes all major currencies and provides a flexible payments alternative that ensures long-term buyer and supplier benefits. The cloud-based solution can be operational in 24 hours and provides more access to credit lines at the flick of a switch. The enhanced transaction data enables efficient processing and reconciliation of payments. This enables CFOs to be confident of financial control and compliance.

About Apexconnect
Apexconnect provides a SaaS financial and HR systems integration platform. Connecting organizations’ ERP, HRIS, financial, and payment systems while applying client specific business rules enables their customers to optimize operations. This is done by integrating new systems with existing technology, while maximizing working capital. The Core Connector Platform™ from Apexconnect helps transform business operations and improves accuracy by eliminating redundant data entry and combining operations from multiple systems. The Core Connector Platform™ will eliminate time spent on manual tasks giving organizations the freedom to focus on their business goals and mission.


John Vasili, Commercial Director, Invapay
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Michael Greene, Managing Director, Apexconnect
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