B2B payment solutions

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Apexconnect B2B payment solutions

With Apexconnect’s Core Connector Platform™ B2B payment solutions, making supplier payments has never been easier. The traditional corporate payments process has misaligned goals for the buyer and supplier, putting constraints around the optimal process for both parties. Corporate purchasers prefer to delay payment and terms (DPO) while suppliers prefer to be paid as early as possible (DSO).

Apexconnect’s role is to provide an integrated solution from the corporate purchase to the supplier using a single payment solution, controlling and maximizing the DPO and DSO for each party. Leveraging our clients’ existing corporate card relationships and providing 100% supplier acceptance, we can maximize working capital for all parties involved in the transaction.

Integration of payment information and confirmation can be directly provided to the company’s ERP or current spend management automation solution.

Our benefits

Extended payment terms (DPO)

Increase and optimize working capital

Increase corporate spend benefits

Leverage early payment supplier discounts

Maximize credit incentive programs

Reduce operational costs

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